Lucid  Shopping List
Lucid  Shopping List
Lucid  Shopping List

The lucid shopping list app

Look forward to a relaxed shopping experience.   This app helps you organize your shopping lists. An intuitive user interface makes it easy to stay focused. You can share your lists with your family and friends via a simple link. Create your own item groups and stores.

It's about the right sorting

Sort a list for a specific store.   In every supermarket there are departments with different item groups (fruit & vegetables, baked goods, drinks, ...). Surely you have a favorite route through these departments. This route can be saved in the app. Now you can sort the shopping list suitable for the current store and are ready to go.


Simple and clear user interface.   When designing the app, great importance was attached to intuitive usability.

Easy copy & paste.   Items can be easily copied and pasted between lists.

Special shopping mode.   In the shopping mode, the list is displayed in a reduced form. Completed items are removed from the list. In this mode you can stay focused on the shopping.

Sharing lists.   Lists can be easily shared with family and friends via a link. The changes made are synchronized.

Create your own item groups.   You can organize your items into own item groups.

Internal item database.   The app is constantly learning from your input. All items entered are automatically stored in an internal database for reuse.

Create your own stores.   For each store, a favorite route through the item groups can be saved.

Several sorting options.   Lists can be sorted suitable for a single store. Lists can also be sorted alphabetically or individually.

Help is in the app.   If something remains unclear, easy-to-understand help pages including videos explain how to do it.

Can also be used offline.   A connection to the Internet is not absolutely necessary. The main functions also work in stores without a network.

Save your data.   The data can be backed up to an external file.

Individual layout.   You can choose between a dark and a light appearance.

Data protection.   Your data should remain your data. The storage of personal data is limited to what is technically necessary.




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Header photo: Raul Gonzalez Escobar


In the case of incoming enquiries, your details, including the contact details you have provided, will be stored to process the inquiry until it has been dealt with. Your data will not be passed on without your consent unless there is a proven obligation to provide information to the authorities. Data transmission over the Internet (e.g. when communicating by e-mail) can have security gaps. It is not possible to completely protect data from access by third parties.